January 2023


Minutes of Meeting of Parish Council held on Tuesday 24th January 2023 at 7.30 p.m. 

Present: Cllr B Hunter (Chair), Cllrs P Strong, M Reeves (arrived at 8.00 p.m.), I Cumber, H Wilson, J Lindley-Baker, J Pilbrow. Representing the village hall committee: D & J Lofthouse. Representing the Jubilee Committee: C Saywell. Also present: D Beer (Parish Clerk), Cllr S Bunney.

No-one spoke at the open forum.

1. Apologies for Absence – none (except Cllr Reeves had given notice of his late arrival)

2. Declarations of Interest - none

3. To approve minutes of the meeting held 8th November 2022 – approved and duly signed.

4. Chair and Council’s Comments:

  • The chair reported that after the discussion regarding the costs of cutting back the trees on the playing field at the previous meeting, Matt Boulton had approached him and volunteered his services to do this. He had then met with the clerk and Chris Jackson at the field to discuss what was needed. So far, Mr Boulton has cleared back one side of the dog walking field. 
  • An oak tree had been planted in the playing field to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee and photos were taken of the event, which are now on the website.
  • The collection for the poppy appeal by Ken Griffin and his colleagues in Claxby and outlying villages had raised £544.25
  • Northern Powergrid had replaced 2 poles on Mulberry Rd. The chairman was asked to enquire as to whether a proper survey of the remaining poles had been conducted.
  • Cllr Wilson reported that 3 afternoon teas had been held at the village hall raising £150 for the food bank.
  • Cllr Lindley-Baker reported that she has now received all the necessary documents to allow her access to the Lloyds Village Hall bank account.

5. Clerk’s Report on outstanding matters:

  • The clerk reported he had chased the CIL in respect of the new build on Normanby Rise and was told we should receive £926.61 by the end of the tax year - to be spent on community infrastructure projects.
  • The second instalment of the match funding has been received (£4000) and transferred to the village hall account
  • The old Village Hall chairs are now stored in an outhouse at the Viking Centre in case they are needed for a large event. Thanks to David Lofthouse and Cllr Strong for helping to move them.


6. LCC Councillor updates: Cllr Stephen Bunney’s report is attached here. In addition, he reported that the flooding at the junction of Park Road and the A46 is being investigated. Also, there would be no grant for Coronation celebrations but there may be some funding available from the Sustainability Fund.

7. Finance: 

Accounts paid by direct debit or by prior approval:

  • Wave £46.05
  • Susannah Bolton £70 for Christmas tree and batteries 
  • Alastair Williams – Gritting: £204.00
  • Unity service charge - £18.00
  • E-on – Electricity - £250.97

Accounts for payment: It was resolved to pay the following accounts (payments set up on Unity)

  • Village Hall Committee broadband: £46.50
  • Clerk’s invoice: £305.51
  • HMRC: £68.80
  • LALC subscription: £69.73


Budget/Precept: The clerk presented a budget for 2023/24. Balance in the accounts stands at (Unity) £7214.20 (Lloyds Village Hall account) £5699.81. After discussion, it was resolved to increase the precept by approximately 5%, from £5407 to £5675. The final claim for the precept was signed.

Cllr Wilson asked if the Village Hall Committee would give a prediction of annual income and expenditure, but this was rejected by the committee as being too onerous and would merely involve guesswork.


8. Planning applications – Wolds View Fisheries

Application No: 146000 for 22 touring caravans

Application No: 146001 for 16 static caravans

The council had no objections on the proviso that traffic was routed away from the village. Clerk was asked to reflect the Council’s feelings on the planning portal.

9. Correspondence: None.

10. Expressions of interest for deputy chair – it was decided to defer until after the election.

11. Emergency Plan : Colin Saywell gave a report of progress made. Click here to view report. 

and requested that the EPC be made a joint committee of the Parish Council so that all involved are covered by the insurance and data protection policies. It was resolved to adopt the Planning Committee as a joint committee. The clerk was asked to look into the public liability insurance for any volunteers listed in the plan.

12. Village Hall: 

  • Mr Lofthouse gave a report of progress on behalf of the Village Hall Committee. Click here to view report.
  • The clerk was asked to look into the public liability insurance for users of the stairlift. 
  • Cllr Cumber requested that residents on Normanby Rise be kept informed of any works on the playing field/car park that might affect them. It was not clear who would take this responsibility. 
  • The terms and conditions for booking the hall need to be ratified by the Council and it was agreed that this could be done remotely via the Councillors who are on the Committee. 
  • The Chairman reported that PC Dawn Cowling had volunteered a regular “surgery” at the hall.
  • The official opening would be after the Coronation.

13. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee/Coronation Committee: 

  • The committee's report is attached here
  • Mr Saywell displayed the photo collage of the Jubilee event. 3 smaller versions were to be placed in the Viking Centre, the Village Hall and the church. 
  • It was resolved that, as the Jubilee fund was overspent by £7.01 the Parish Council would cover the cost of the overspend and the cost of the collage. (£28.89). 
  • The idea of the commemorative mugs was abandoned as it was felt there was a lack of interest. 
  • Now that there is to be no grant for the Coronation celebrations it was agreed that the event should be free of cost, as much as possible. A small amount of funding may be available from the sustainability fund. It was resolved that the Parish Council would advance a loan to the Coronation Committee if required, until funding became available to cover any costs.

14. Playing Field: 

  • Tree and hedge maintenance: Matt Boulton had made a start but not completed the work. Cllr Pilbrow agreed to contact Matt to see if he was prepared to do more, and if not, it was resolved that a working party be formed to cut back hedges before the new growth starts. 
  • Play equipment: Cllr Pilbrow had obtained quotes for children’s play equipment and adult gym equipment. It was suggested that local children and adults be asked what type of equipment they would like to have in the field. Funding could come for the CIL and from grants, which could also be match-funded by WLDC. Cllr Cumber pointed out that maintenance costs needed to be factored in to the overall costs.

15. Date of next meeting and the annual Parish meeting: Tuesday 16th May 2023

The meeting closed at 9.50 p.m.