January 2023

Report from the Emergency Planning Group (EPG) to Claxby Parish Council January 24th 2023

Group members : Paul Strong, David Beer, David Lofthouse, Colin Saywell

Main outcomes to date

1.  The background to the Emergency Plan (EP) was explained by David Beer in the October 2022 Village Newsletter and circulated to all villagers. Please read this before the PC meeting on January 24th.

2.  An Emergency Plan template was produced by Lincolnshire County Council and the EPG are using this template to make it solely Claxby and Normanby focussed. Other town and parish councils in Lincolnshire will be taking a similar approach.

3.  The draft EP is being compiled but not yet complete. The EPG members are currently approaching villagers for information that will help make early contact with them should a large scale emergency occur.

4.  A proforma for recording data from residents is being used: councillors will probably have seen this proforma and already completed it.

  • The proforma includes Name, Address and Landline Number
  • The proforma asks for villagers’ mobile number (for immediate contact in an emergency) and email address (for future contact with e.g. village newsletters).
  • The proforma asks villagers for Facilities Offered e.g. heavy lifting equipment, Expertise Offered e.g. First Aid, Number of Residents in Household and a brief (2 or 3 words) description of the additional support (if required). 
  • David L will enter this data enabling a hard copy of the location of vulnerable residents via their address, contact details via their mobile phone and a brief description of the additional support required. The 4 members of the EPG have a hard copy of this data – to be kept strictly confidential.
  • David B to have an encrypted version of the full spreadsheet with residents’ information, along with the full EP when completed.
  • It is the residents’ choice for any additional support to be recorded on the proforma – any wishing not to record this information, or participate in the scheme itself, is to be respected.

5.  In collecting, recording and storing the data we have to meet the requirements of the 2018 Data Protection Act. Consequently the EPG recommend to the Parish Council it becomes a sub-group to the PC. This will enable the EPG to implement the PC’s Data Protection and Data Retention policies when compiling the EP and storing residents’ data.

6.  Annual revisions of the EP details will be needed in March each year to keep it up to date.

7.  David B to visit village newcomers as part of welcome to Claxby but also see if they would wish their details to be included within EP.

8.  Under the PC’s Data Retention Policy (following guidance from ICO – Information Commissioner’s Office) the retention of signed data forms from villagers to be permanent.

9.  Next steps

     a.  Meet with Steve Eason-Harris pm January 24th to discuss where we are with the EP such that it fulfils the requirements of LCC. 

     b.  Enter the data collected from villagers into the spreadsheet.

     c.  Complete the EP. 

     d.  Circulate via email a 2 sided A4 information sheet to villagers with the crucial information they will require in an emergency.

     e.  Arrange for full EP (without residents’ data) to be placed in 

  • The Village Hall
  • The Viking Centre
  • St Mary’s Church
  • St Peter’s Church
  • The phone box on Mulberry Road
  • On the PC website

     f.  Present completed EP to the PC at its next meeting.

Colin Saywell on behalf of the EPG January 24th 2023