January 2023

Village hall update 24/01/2023



installed 19/12/2022 ?insurance for users – as advised by Kirk Thompson

Instructions for use and guidance sheet needs info re insurance adding

Invoice received £1750.00 + £350.00 =£2100.00 Paid 18-01-2023


Fencing panels

Installed by John

Invoice requested for payment


Hall hire

Examples of meetings – Emergency Plan, Coronation planning, P.C. Village hall week, children's choir practice ( visit to promote hall 24/01/2023 - VHweek)

Monthly afternoon teas 2nd wednesday of the month – proceeds to MR food bank

Weekly yoga – £10 per session hire fee

Weekly dance practice

Funeral tea February 8th ( after afternoon tea)

Booked for choir trial – February 9th, Election May 4th, Kings coronation weekend

May 6th – 8th, Lincolnshire wolds walking group May 21st


Marquee and games hire - VHC to be responsible – to be stored in lean to. Rates for hire/donation?


Terms & conitions for hall hire

To be approved, given to council at November PC meeting


Car park

Matting laid by contractors 12/01/2023 – visited by Helen Gamble 19/01/2023

Fencing contractor to be booked – both invoices to be paid directly from LCC on behalf LWCS


Outstanding works

Shutters – 31/03/2023

Storage facility, outside hand rails/fencing/gate, internal joinery etc – to be completed in better weather

Coat hooks -ASAP

Notice board - ASAP


Future purchases

Coat hooks, notice board, picture rail, hand rails, fencing, file holders, further

equipment to complete kitchen