March 2023


Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Parish Council held at the Viking Centre on WEDNESDAY 8th MARCH 2023 at 5.00 p.m.



1.  Co-option of councillors – after a detailed discussion and ranking of suitability and experience of the 4 candidates, it was unanimously RESOLVED to co-opt Colin Saywell, Jenny Lofthouse and David Lofthouse to the Council. The clerk agreed to write to the fourth applicant with an explanation of how the decision was arrived at, and invite them to become involved in one of the joint committees. 


2.  Ts & Cs for chairlift in village hall – it was RESOLVED to adopt these to be included in the policies of the Parish Council.


3.  Marquee – it was RESOLVED to get the marquee repaired providing the cost was no more than £200.


4.  Security for village hall: it was generally agreed that there should be some sort of intruder alarm at the hall. The clerk was asked to enquire if the insurance company had any particular conditions. It was suggested that the PCSO could visit to give advice. To be discussed at next meeting.


5.  The playing field: Judith and Brian had saved the Council a lot of money by doing a huge amount of work, cutting back hedges etc. Jobs that need to be done are: dig out the remaining tree stumps, clear out the dykes, move the cut wood and brush, make a pedestrian entrance with steps down to the verge. A local resident had volunteered to help clear the overgrown shrubs and trees but so far had only cleared one side. It had been hard to pin him down to do any more, so it was decided to go back to him to see what he was prepared to do, and if no positive commitments were forthcoming the Council agreed to seek quotes from professional groundsmen to undertake the work. The first job was to clear the cut wood, to be undertaken in the next 3 weeks before grass mowing commences.David L offered to do this, and would circulate possible dates to those able to help.

Progress is aligned with the three ideas previously discussed for the playing field: (1) an “access for all” area (2) children’s area (3) adult gym area.  An open space will be left for village events. 

A questionnaire has been prepared to ask the residents of Claxby and Normanby what equipment they would like to see in the children’s play area, and to see if there is an interest in gym equipment for older children and adults.