Minutes of meeting September 2022

Minutes Village Hall Committee Meeting 15/09/2022


Meeting opened 4.05pm


Present – David Beer, Mark Reeves, Julia Lindley-Baker, Ian & Sue Forster, David & Jenny Lofthouse

Apologies – John & Diane Clark

1. Finance

Bank balance £7811.99 Grant money owing £7.500

Approved expenditure:-

Flooring main hall £2,300

Decorating main hall £500 (+materials which are paid for)

Stairlift £2000

Chairs £1,600 – 40 chairs

Total £6600 Leaving £ 1,213.99 + Grant money £7,500 + reclaimed VAT next year

Money owing to DNL £631.44 – David stated that he was willing to wait to be reimbursed until further grant monies were paid. The reason he had personally financed some items was mostly to take advantage of discounts which were available to him. The two Parish councillors present felt that the monies owing to him should be paid and the Parish Clerk stated that the Parish Council may be willing to cover the costs to complete the renovation until the final grant payments were made.


2. Planned work for main hall

Flooring 21st & 22nd September 2022

Ultrafast broadband installation 23rd September 2022

Skirting board & picture rail – picture rail ordered and paid for but there has been problems with machinist and machine - skirting in stock to be purchased and fitted after flooring. Picture rail to be fitted after window shutters if approved.

Emergency lighting currently set as maintained to be switched to non–maintained as

approved by Sarah Cocker Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue.

Staircase – gloss painting to be completed. Stairlift and small wheel wheelchair to be purchased.

Other costs – signage, notice board, file holder – resolved to make decisions when more money



3. Window coverings for main hall

Resolved to purchase hardwood, white shutters for hall - quotes obtained – shortlist of two –

preferred supplier had been recommended. Parish clerk to consult Parish Council for approval for order.

Delivery 14-18 weeks deposit required with order as per quotes.


4. Kitchen and toilet requirements

Resolved to complete kitchen as a priority to release final grant money from L.W.C.S

Resolved to purchase white wall tlles and Essential fridge and freezer.

Resolved to purchase paper towel and soap dispensers, bins and colour co-ordinated cleaning

equipment. Resolved to delay purchase of cutlery, kettles, combination microwave and other equipment

until final grant monies paid. Sue and Ian Forster stated that they may be willing to donate some cutlery

and pipe insulation.

Resolved to dispose of old chipped mismatched crockery

Toilet – Resolved to purchase remaining equipment to complete.


5 Storage lean-to and external handrails

Resolved to complete when final grant monies paid and finish rear of hall to include fencing and gate.


6 Promotion of the hall facilities and lettings

Resolved for committee members to promote facilities in the village and wider community.

Resolved to hold open event and invite the media to publicise the hall.

Resolved to research other venues for hire charges and their terms and conditions of hire to

produce information which could be included on hall's booking site set up by Parish Clerk

Resolved to offer small village community groups free use of hall.


Formal meeting closed at 4.45pm