Minutes of meeting May 2019

Claxby Parish Council

Minutes of Annual Council Meeting

held in Claxby Village Hall on

Thursday 9th May 2019 at 7.52 pm

Present: Cllrs B Hunter, H Wilson, J Pilbrow, P Strong, I Cumber, T Bowers, J. Lindley- Baker

Parish Clerk: H Pitman

Members of the public: Three



1. Election of Chairman: B. Hunter. Proposed, J. Lindley-Baker. Seconded, P. Strong. Resolved.


2. Declarations of Interest: None.


3. To approve minutes of the meeting held 26th February 2019: The minutes were signed as a

true and accurate record.


4. Chairman & Council’s Comments: The chairman has spoken with Mr Jackson regarding the

salt bin and all is resolved.


5. Clerk’s Report: Re-declaration has been sent to the Pensions Regulator.


6. Finance: Accounts for Payment: Resolved to pay: Information Commissioner £40; LALC £69.03; H

Pitman £309.19; HMRC £64.40; Cassells, internal auditor £60. Internal audit report: the clerk read

the auditor's report stating that procedures found no areas of concern and that the authority is run

in a competent and efficient manner.

Annual Return for the year ended 31st March 2019

a) Executed annual governance statement

b) Council approved the statement of accounts

c) Executed the Certificate of Exemption


7. To discuss & resolve renewal of annual insurance policy: To renew with Ecclesiatical on 3

year LTA at a cost of £633.69. Proposed, Cllr Cumber. Seconded, Cllr Lindley-Baker. Resolved.


8. Planning: None.


9. Correspondence: None.


10. To review standing orders: Reviewed. No changes necessary.


11. To review financial regulations: Reviewed. No changes necessary.


12. To further discuss & resolve on purchase of goal posts and picnic tables: Council agreed

to go ahead with the picnic tables. Clerk to obtain full costings with installation on concrete base.

To discuss further additional equipment at the next meeting. Agenda


13. To discuss village defibrillator following advice received from Community Heartbeat

Trust: The clerk gave council a report on information supplied by CHT regarding governance and

the need to monitor on a regular basis. (The clerk and chairman checked the pads after the meeting.

They do not need replacing until 2022). Councillors to make themselves familiar with the equipment.

Cllr Lindley-Baker left the meeting at 8.42pm.


14. To discuss traffic calming measures on A46: This is moving in the right direction and a further

meeting to be held the next day to be attended by Cllr Bowers.


15. To discuss proposals for undergrounding following further communication from

Northern Powergrid: Discussion took place with regard to whether the street lighting should be

removed or not. It was eventually agreed that the village would be consulted and Cllrs Wilson and

Pilbrow will conduct a leaflet drop to every house in the village. Responses to be made to the clerk.


16. To discuss Claxby Open Gardens: Deposit of £150 resolved upon. Proposed, Cllr Bowers.

Seconded, Cllr Strong.


The meeting closed at 9.20pm