Minutes of meeting Feb 2019

Claxby Parish Council

Minutes of Council Meeting

held in Claxby Village Hall on

Tuesday 26th February 2019 at 7.55 pm

Present: Cllrs B Hunter, P Strong, T Bowers, H. Wilson, I. Cumber.

Parish Clerk: H Pitman

Members of the public: Five

Apologies for Absence: J Pilbrow, J. Lindley-Baker.



1. Declarations of Interest: None.


2. To approve minutes of the meeting held 13th November 2018: The minutes were signed as

a true and accurate record.


3. Chairman & Council’s Comments: The chairman reported that the dangerous pothole on Park

Road had been repaired. A resident has parish records which she will give to the clerk who will in

turn pass on to Lincolnshire Archives for safe keeping.


4 Clerk’s Report: The clerk reported that she has ordered a dog bin which is now fitted and

additional salt bins. However only the bin on Mulberry Road has been authorised by LCC and is

now in situ according to Cllr Strong, albeit in the wrong place. The chairman kindly offered to speak

to the resident whose premises it is near.


5. Finance: Accounts for Payment: Resolved to pay: H Pitman £341.79; HMR&C £15.60. The clerk

confirmed that there will be c£8,000 to carry forward to the next financial year


6. Planning: Council has no comments/objections to planning application numbers 138794 and



7. Correspondence: WLDC information on Community Infrastructure Levy and election



8. Update on highways matters: The clerk and Cllrs Pilbrow and Bowers had attended the LRSP

meeting with other parishes regarding road traffic calming measures on the A46. LRSP had

accepted that a 50mph speed limit needs to be introduced and work has commenced on bringing

this into force. A further meeting is planned for the spring. By then consultation with the parishes

involved should have commenced. Council asked the clerk to obtain an update and to ask for speed

enforcement in the area particularly as there has been another fatality. Various potholes were

reported to the clerk to forward to LCC Highways.


9. Update on under grounding of the electricity cables in the village: There has been no

further contact from Npower.


10. Update on maintenance work at the playing field: The clerk informed council that Playdays

does not repaint equipment. There has been no progress with regard to a working party. Council

agreed the goal posts need to be removed and replaced. The clerk to investigate cost together with

price of picnic tables. Agenda


11. To resolve on future use of telephone kiosk: Council agreed it should be used as a book

swap and resolved to spend up to £200 to install shelving and fix the door.


12. To resolve on grass cutting tender for 2019: Resolved to award to Glendale. Clerk to enquire

what can be done to level the field which is badly rutted from molehills.


The meeting closed at 8.50pm