May 2022


Minutes of Meeting of Parish Council on THURSDAY 12th MAY 2022.


Present: Cllr Brian Hunter (Chair), Cllr Julia Lindley-Baker, Cllr Judith Pilbrow, Cllr Helen Wilson, Cllr Ian Cumber, Cllr Mark Reeves.

From the Village Hall Committee: David and Jenny Lofthouse, and John and Di Clark

From the Jubilee Committee: Colin Saywell

1 member of the public. 

Also present: Cllr Stephen Bunney and David Beer (Parish Clerk)




1. To elect a chair: Brian Hunter was elected for a further term


2. Apologies for Absence: Cllr Paul Strong


3. Declarations of Interest: None. 


4. To approve minutes of the meeting held 8th February 2022, and the extraordinary meeting held on 31/3/22. Approved and signed


5. Chair & Council’s Comments:

There was a power cut in the village on 16th February due to heavy rain and 60mph winds. 

Sadly George Johnson died after a long illness.

The Chair and Clerk spent a morning fitting 30mph speed reminder signs throughout the village. (These were provided free of charge by Highways).

A meeting was held with Debbie Clubley and Mark Cynik from ACIS to discuss the removal of soil form the village hall wall. 

A meeting was held with Faye from Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service with regards to updating the “interpretation boards”. (Grants are now available for this; Clerk to follow up).

On Friday 20th May there will be power cuts in Mulberry Rd between 8.30 – 4.30 for remedial works.


Cllr Pilbrow suggested the appointment of a vice chair should be considered.

She also made reference to the Code of Conduct and asked for an item to be included on the next agenda to review and clarify our current procedures regarding all forms of communication.


6. Clerk’s Report on outstanding matters:

The request for a dog bin was followed up with Simon Smoothey on 27/4/22

The suspected planning notice on Church Lane was not a planning notice but a notice from Quickline.

After the application for the first Jubilee Grant was turned down, a second application was made on behalf of the Jubilee Committee and this was accepted. The Jubilee Grant (£700) has now been received into our account.

Debbie Clubley was contacted again re the Wold View sign, with no response.

A new bank account has been opened specifically for the village hall finances. Cllr Cumber has been asked to be a signatory as well as the two Councillors who are on the Village Hall Committee.

The Clerk noted that the Financial Regulations stated that “a bank account cannot be delegated to a committee”.  After consultation, there was a general agreement that the bank account is not being delegated as it is very much under the same controls as the main PC account.  It is merely a holding account specifically for Village Hall finances to keep the accounting trail clear. Changing the name to “Claxby Village Hall Account” was suggested, for clarity. Clerk to contact bank.

A street sweeper has been booked in the week leading up to the Jubilee Celebrations.

Drains – WLDC are not taking immediate action. Their records show that the drains were cleared within the last year and are running well. They would expect them to become overwhelmed in times of heavy rain but ask us to report if this happens under normal conditions.


7. Finance: 

Accounts for Payment:


D D Beer: Clerk’s fees and expenses: £339.11 

HMRC: £77.20 

Laquer for Plaque £11.60 purchased by clerk on the request of Cllr Strong. 

Alastair Williams – Grass Cutting £264.00

Cassells (accounting) - £78.00

(Payments for all the above set up on-line and ready to be approved)

Direct debit set up for annual Data Protection fee (£35.00 by d/d instead of £40 by cheque)

Payments made since the last meeting:

Direct debit E-on: £64.51

Payment to Beltec of £198 for repairs to marquee. (to come out of Jubilee Grant) 

Reimbursement to Brian Hunter of £9.40 for purchase of keys. 

As per Resolutions 3 & 4 of the Extraordinary Meeting and the Village Hall Payments schedule: 

Payment to D Lofthouse of £2195.66

Payment to John Clark of £129.65

£10,000 plus the balance of £2674.69 was transferred to Village Hall Account

Village Hall Accounts:

Balances remaining:

(a) Payments made from the £10,000 ring fenced funds (resolution 3): £1485.42

Balance remaining: £8514.58

(b) Payments made from the £5000 allocated from PC funds for Health and Safety

upgrades (resolution 4): £839.88.  Balance remaining: £4160.12


The National Lottery Grant of £8000 has been received into the account.


Insurance renewal: the insurance is not on fixed term. Clerk and Chair have discussed value of assets in preparation for renewal. The premium is much higher than last year and the clerk was asked to get other quotes.



8. Annual return for the year ended 31 March 2022

     (a) Execute Annual Governance Statement

     (b) To approve statement of accounts

     (c) Execute Certificate of Exemption

     (d) Execute review of internal audit 

It was resolved to accept and duly signed by the chair.



9. Resolve to adopt new code of conduct – Resolved and agreements signed by all councillors.

10. Review standing orders – Resolved to accept once updated

11. Review financial regulations – Resolved to accept


12. Planning applications - None


13. Correspondence - none


14. Village Hall – committee updated council on progress.  (Please click here to view document.) 

A grant of £8000 had been received for the National Lottery and the clerk has applied for Match Funding from WLDC.


15. Speed limit signs: - the possibility of purchasing or sharing an illuminated speed reminder sign was discussed but rejected as being too expensive.


16. Queens Platinum Jubilee: Colin Saywell updated Council on progress. (Click here to see document) 

It was resolved to adopt the Jubilee Committee as a sub-committee of the PC for insurance purposes for the event. It was resolved to allocate £340 for the purchase of commemorative coins for 34 children in the villages of Claxby and Normanby. The clerk was instructed to purchase. The chair offered a personal donation towards the purchase of children’s games. The clerk was instructed to purchase bunting and flags from the Jubilee fund.


17. The date of the next meeting was set for Tuesday 9th August.


The meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.