February 2022


Notice of Meeting of Parish Council


You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Council, which will be held at the village hall on TUESDAY 8th FEBRUARY 2022 at 7.30 p.m. The business to be dealt with at the meeting is listed in the agenda. There will be a 10-minute public forum at the start of the meeting.  


Dated 1st February 2022  

David Beer (Clerk to the Council)






1. Apologies for Absence 


2. Declarations of Interest 


3. To approve minutes of the meeting held 16th November 2021


4. Chairman & Council’s Comments


5. Clerk’s Report on outstanding matters. 


6. Finance: 

Accounts for Payment


7. Planning applications No 144217 Normanby Rise


8. Correspondence


9.  Village Hall – committee to update council. 


10. Grass cutting. Resolve to employ Alastair Williams.


11. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 


12. Village sign – Cllr Strong to update


13. Wold View sign.


14. Normanby Rise: Road repairs. Speed restrictions/traffic calming.


15. Fly tipping


16. The water supply – Cllr Strong to update re contact with Anglian Water


17. Discuss third party insurance claim.


18. Dates and agenda items for future meetings.