February 2021

Claxby Parish Council

Minutes of Council Meeting held virtually on Wednesdsay 10th February 2021 at 7.30

            Present: Cllrs B Hunter, I Cumber, J. Pilbrow, H. Wilson, P. Strong (late).

            Parish Clerk: H Pitman. Members of the public:.Three

            Apologies for Absence: J. Lindley- Baker

            Declarations of Interest: None.

1.     To approve minutes of the meeting held 3rd November 2020: The minutes were signed as a true and accurate record.  

2.     Chairman & Council’s Comments: The chairman reported that the Poppy Appeal had raised £251.13. No electrical condition report or PAT testing has been carried out at the village hall since 2014. The clerk advised that this was a H&S issue and needed to be addressed asap, particularly as the hall has been hired for the elections in May. Cllr Cumber advised that the recent Covid inspection at the hall re use of the hall for elections had been positive but that it had been highlighted that a door needs to be installed at the rear to allow separate access and exit. Agenda

Cllr Wilson asked what was happening with the phone box as funds had been awarded at the last meeting to replace the door. Cllr Strong advised this was in hand and would be done the following week.

3.      Clerk’s Report: The clerk advised that Graeme Butler at LRSP had confirmed the 50mph speed reduction signs on the A46 are to be installed before the end of this financial year.

4.     Finance: Accounts for Payment: Resolved to pay: H Pitman £227.21; HMRC £44; B Hunter £677.84; LALC £69.90. The clerk advised that the address needs to be changed asap for the delivery of statements and cheque books.

5.     Planning: None

6.     Correspondence: None

7.     To appoint a new clerk:  To appoint David Beer. Proposed, Cllr Wilson. Seconded, Cllr Pilbrow. Resolved unanimous. The outgoing clerk was thanked for her hard work over the years. 


The meeting closed at 8.10pm