Report August 2022

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Committee


Report for Claxby Parish Council meeting August 10th 2022

1. Number of people attending the various events

Bonfire = 29

Art and Craft Display ; Friday = 26 : Saturday = 32

Open Gardens : Friday = 20 : Saturday = 25

Quiz night = 31

Sunday service at Normanby = 25

Picnic lunch = 15

Concert and afternoon tea = 50+

116+ people attended at least one event over the 4 days, with many attending more than one event. 


Thoughts from a review meeting of the Jubilee Committee:-


Some disappointments

  •               People you would expect turned up – what about others?
  •               Some family involvement but there could have been more, particularly of children : half term effect because some families were away only returning on the Sunday?
  •               Picnic lunch poorly attended, although the weather did not help that day.


  •               Good quality craft display
  •               Enjoyable quiz evening
  •               Some people joined in who had not participated in previous events – one of the aims for the 4 day celebrations.
  •               Great concert and very well attended afternoon tea.
  •               Closer collaboration between Claxby and Normanby with some good links developing.
  •               Another aim of the celebrations was to provide varied activities such that people would find at least one event they would like to attend. We would like to think this was           achieved.

2. Accounts


The expenditure so far has been:

£119.52 (24 Flags)

£219.80 (800m Bunting)

£198.00 (Marquee repair)

£148.00 (Plants for Jubilee Garden)

£30.00 for childrens' prizes

Total £715.32


From the £700 fund we have now spent £715.32. However, provided all purchases are VATable, there was a potential £840 (£700 + 20% VAT at £140) to spend.

This means we have £124.68 available to spend providing all items are VATable.


In addition, 34 Platinum Jubilee Commemorative 50p Coins, with commemorative booklet and presentation pack, were purchased by the Parish Council for all the children under the age of 16 in Claxby and Normanby. Originally, £1 coins were going to be purchased at a cost of £10 each but, due to demand at the time, they would not have been available until the end of June –so the 50p coins formed Plan B. They cost £238 (incl VAT) and all 34 children have received their commemorative 50p coin. Thanks to the Parish Council for making this possible.


3. Items with the Village Hall Committee

4. Village marquee, bunting and flags from the Jubilee celebrations, children's games, 108 wine glasse

5.  Next steps

i. Planting of the English oak on the village playing field.

ii. To buy 2 commemorative plaques a) Jubilee Garden b) English oak tree

iii. Take photographs of the Jubilee Garden and the English oak tree

iv. Produce a photographic record of the celebrations

  • All photos taken to form part of the village archives.
  • The Jubilee Committee felt a photographic record of the celebrations should form a display in St Mary’s Church, the Village Hall and the Viking centre, along with the Parish Council website.
  • A small group of the Jubilee Committee has chosen a selection of the photographs taken over the 4 day celebratory period. 
  • The display of these selected photographs is being designed but will await the Jubilee Garden and English oak tree photographs for their inclusion.
  • In all probability the final cost (yet to be determined) of printing the photographs and purchasing suitable display boards will exceed the amount of money remaining from the initial grant. Therefore, it would be extremely helpful if the Parish Council, along with St Mary’s Church and the Viking Centre, would each consider purchasing a display board for displaying the Jubilee Celebration photographs in their particular location. 


Colin Saywell

July 2022