Lincolnshire County Council has a new online engagement platform called Let's Talk Lincolnshire.

LCC says: “This platform is a valuable opportunity for us to engage with our communities and stakeholders to shape our services and inform decision-making.  It is a secure and trusted space where communities can get information, share ideas, discuss important topics, provide feedback on policy, planning and contribute to the future of Lincolnshire.” 

The new website features all engagement and consultation opportunities in a single, convenient place, to allow local people to have their say on the matters that are important to them. 

This exciting new venture sets the stage for sustained participation by expanding the ways we can engage and reach out to our communities using a suite of engagement tools.  As well as traditional events and online surveys we now have a space for forums, ideas boards where residents can comment and vote on each other's suggestions, polls, and will also enable residents to ask their own questions, making it much more interactive.

Anyone can sign up for a free account on Let's Talk Lincolnshire and be notified when a new project is launched that might interest them.

Please encourage everyone in your local area to visit and join the conversation.

Published: Sunday, 31st October 2021