The Parish Council has been successful in obtaining grants for maintenance work and upgrading the play equipment in the village field. The major installation work will be starting shortly.

After the public consultation in the village hall, the Parish Council is moving forward with improvement works, according to suggestions and recommendations from residents, culminating in the installation of  new equipment for all ages, including accessible and sensory areas.

With contractors and volunteers, the following works have been done or are proposed:-

1. Upgrade to the car park and field entrances to make it safer for cars and pedestrians to enter and leave the car park and the field. 

2. A new wider gate at the end of the car park to allow access for wider horticultural machinery, eg grass cutters.

3. The slippery, and dangerous, slope into the dog walking field has been replaced with a small number of steps, similar to the entrance to the car park opposite the village hall. 

4. Drainage of the top of the field has been improved by digging out the dyke.

5. A large number of wildflower bulbs have been planted. Newly seeded grass areas will rejuvenate parts of the field exposed by the recent removal of overgrowing trees and brash.

6. New play equpiment will be installed over the next few weeks. See the plan here.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact David Lofthouse (  or Judith Pilbrow (


The Claxby Community Field Committee acknowledges the generous support, in the form of grants, from the following:

West Lindsey District Council

The National Lottery

Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service






Lincs Wolds



Published: Thursday, 14th March 2024