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West Lindsey District Council currently has a West Lindsey Housing Strategy, that was adopted in 2018. This strategy sets out our high level vision for housing and details three key strategic themes for our housing focus which are:


•            Driving housing growth to meet housing need 

•            Improving homes and transforming places 

•            A partnership approach to support choice, wellbeing and independence


As this Strategy is due to expire in 2022, the council has taken the opportunity to review the Strategy and look at the progress made so far. As part of this review, it became clear that even though there had been some fantastic work over the past four years to bring this vision into reality, there is still a little way to go and the three key strategic themes that had been identified in the original strategy were still as relevant today as they were back in 2018 when the strategy was adopted.


With this in mind, the council has determined the best approach to take to ensure that the strategy has been kept up-to-date and relevant was to refresh the existing strategy. This has entailed updating all of the key information within the document and including information on areas such as Levelling up, Selective Licensing and Climate change, alongside ensuring the challenges and opportunities the strategy offers are refreshed to reflect the current position.


The council wanted to take this opportunity to share the Draft Housing Strategy Refresh 2022 with you all, and let you know that it is going out to consultation until 4th February 2022. If you would like to comment on the draft strategy, or promote it further, it can be accessed via the following link -


If you have any questions regarding the strategy or any of the work that has taken place to refresh the strategy, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Published: Thursday, 23rd December 2021