Works in the village

David Lofthouse reports: 

A couple of residents in Normanby expressed concerns about how the 
verges have been left by he contractors. I have today spoken to one of 
the managers from UFN, the contractors, who has told me that when they 
have completed all the work they will be making good any outstanding 
work and reseeding the verges.

Some more news. The same manager has informed me that they are 
installing all the necessary ducts and cables from the exchange through 
to the villages. They will also fit the distribution boxes at the top of 
all the poles. Now the good part!! They are hoping to get this completed 
before the end of January ready for Openreach to connect to each 
household. If you notice any markings on the road with the letters "UFN" 
don't worry. This is where there is a blockage in the underground duct, 
they will need to dig a small hole to rectify.

Openreach will inform everyone when the work is complete and tested. 
Then everyone will have 14 days (according to the voucher scheme) to 
sign up to a service provider. EE have just come on board with FTTP so 
we can choose between EE and BT so far. More providers may be available 
in March. I know that Sky are looking at FTTP.

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Published: Friday, 11th December 2020