Meeting Notes November 2021


Minutes of Meeting of Parish Council held on Tuesday 18th November 2021


Present: Chairman B Hunter, Cllrs J Lindley-Baker, P Strong, I Cumber, H Wilson.

Also present: D Beer (Parish Clerk), Mark Reeves, Cllr S Bunney (arrived at 8.00) and 4 members of the public. 


In the public forum the clerk read a letter from Guy Martin’s wife regarding the developments at Thoresway MotoCross track. The clerk reported the planning department are investigating whether planning permission had been obtained. Questions were raised as to the impact of noise and whether the local infrastructure can cope with a large influx of spectators and competitors.



1. Apologies for Absence:  Cllr J Pilbrow


2. Co-option of councillor. There being one applicant for the vacancy, Mark Reeves was co-opted onto the Council and he signed the declaration of acceptance.


3. Declarations of Interest – None 


4. To approve minutes of the meeting held 18th August 2021. 

It was resolved to approve the minutes and they were duly signed.


5. Chairman & Council’s Comments:

The chairman reported that benches were in place on the playing field. Slabs are on order. Cllrs Lindley-Baker and Pilbrow were thanked for their help. 


A new salt bin has been placed on the corner opposite Corner House. 

The fundraiser organised by Cllrs Lindley-Baker and Pilbrow in the Village Hall had raised over £200 for Cancer Research. The Harvest Supper at the Viking Centre had raised over £270 for the Salvation Army and £616.80 had been raised in the poppy appeal. Ken Griffen was thanked for his efforts in organising this, together with his team of collectors.

An advisory notice has been fitted to the playing field gate asking people to treat the play equipment with respect. Also a “no parking” sign has been attached to the gate.

The village marquee is showing signs of wear and Cllr Lindley-Baker will again attempt to get it repaired. 

Cllr Strong reported that books were being removed from the phone box library (thought to be by visitors to the village) without being replaced. Cllr Reeves commented that we should not seem too parochial in our policing of this.


6. Clerk’s Report on outstanding matters. 

The clerk reported that the Councillor Initiative Grant of £586.91 has been paid into the Council’s bank account to be used for the upfront cost of the defibrillator (see item 10) and the remainder for the installation of the play equipment.

Following a comment made at the last meeting, residents on Normanby Rise have been asked to clear the weeds and growth from the footpath and this has been done. The residents received letters from LCC the day after the meeting, which were not instigated by Claxby PC. It was pointed out that the lines of communication for any issues in the Parish should be to the PC in the first instance, rather than upsetting residents with “official” letters from LCC.

There is a broken fingerpost sign at the end of Boggle Lane and this has been reported to LCC. LCC’s response is that it is a priority 2 item, which has a 6 month timescale for repair. 


7. Finance: 

·       Banking issues

Due to the frustration of moving forward to on-line banking with HSBC, Council resolved to move to Unity Bank. The clerk reported that there is a £6 per month charge, but the cost of postage, stationery and time would be saved.

·       Accounts for Payment

D Beer: £298.21

HMRC: £67.00

Glendale: £166.14+ 55.38

Brian Hunter £53.45

Payment was made to Paul Strong (£48.00) for the phone box signs – already approved and funded by a grant. 

  • Income:

A donation of £20 was received for marquee hire.

  • Budget for 2022 was circulated and discussed
  • Precept 2022/23. It was resolved that the 2021/2 precept amount of £5407 remain the same for 2022/3.


8. Planning – update on proposed development on Normanby Rise. 

The plans have been resubmitted to again propose 4 semi-detached houses, which the PC had originally opposed. The clerk had been informed that this was likely to be refused under devolved powers but Council needed to be prepared in case it goes to committee on 1st December.


9. Correspondence: 

  • Letter re Platinum Jubilee
  • LALC eNews – all forwarded. 
  • Many letters from HSBC bank saying they are looking into our complaint but no actual resolution. 
  • Letter re road closure on Mulberry Rd 22nd November and Network Rail 20-23 Nov re overnight closures.


10.  Defibrillator

Council resolved to adopt the WLDC supply and maintenance scheme at a cost of £400 up front and then £100 per year to maintain. The old defibrillator would be offered to the PCC in the first instance.


11.  Village Hall. 

Council resolved to set up a village hall committee. Cllrs Lindley-Baker and Reeves were to lead this, and hopefully recruit other members from the village.






12. Gritting quote. 

As Alastair Williams quote was much cheaper this year (£105 as opposed to £150) it was resolved to continue to use his services for the coming year.



13. Grass cutting quote:

The chairman had been unhappy with Glendale’s work and Alastair Williams had been asked to quote for a more comprehensive service. Glendale’s quote for next year was for 14 cuts at £48.46 (£678.44) and 2 flail cuts of the boundary per year @ £56.23 = £112.46. Total £790.90. A Williams quote (for much more extensive and detailed work) was for 16 visits at £110 (Total £1760 per year). It was pointed out that the quotes were not “like for like” and the clerk was asked to revert to Glendale to see if they could quote for a more comprehensive service. 


14. Standing orders.

Council resolved to adopt updated standing orders


15. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Cllr Bunney pointed out that there were funds available for the celebrations. The chairman said that Mr Brant should be approached regarding the lighting of the beacon on his land. The PC agreed that it would be a whole village event, perhaps led by the PC as a starting point.


16. Christmas tree

After much discussion, Council resolved to allocate £70 to the village to purchase and/or decorate a tree.


17. Village sign

It was resolved to further investigate the cost of a single village sign to be placed at the entrance to the village. Cllr Strong agreed to produce a proposal for consideration at the next meeting.


18. Open Gardens 2022 

Moved to the next agenda.


19. Date of next meeting was set for Tuesday 8th February 2022.


The meeting closed at 9.34 p.m.